High Ercall Primary School

In our recent OFSTED (October 2017) the good relationship with families and parents was recognised, and supported by parents on the Parent View website. In the report it states: Leaders have made good links with parents and carers as well as external agencies to help them to support vulnerable pupils. Parents and pupils say that behaviour is outstanding and that instances of bullying are very rare. This is because of the school’s strong pastoral support systems. Leaders are aware of the needs and concerns of individual pupils, and parents acknowledge and appreciate this.


 We are delighted that in our most recent parent / guardian survey (March 2019), a very high proportion of parents 'strongly agree' with the questionnaire statements. See the link to the right of the page.

Comments from parents included:

'High Ercall is a fantastic school that is well led and has a great ethos for learning. All of the staff are approachable and act on any concerns raised.'

'My child's needs are being met with focused intervention this term to build her confidence and reach her potential - thank you'

'We could not be happier.'

'We enjoyed the reaidng event - it was nice to read together.'

'Really enjoyed the reading week with the variety of activities at home and schol and always great to be involved in the classroom.'

'All the children are so well behaved and respectful. The school has exceeded my expectations.'


How can you talk to us if you have a worry or something to share? 

There are many ways that you can communicate with school about specific issues relating to your child's learning, or about a general issue relating to school. These include:

- Speaking to Mrs. Roberts on the playground first thing in the morning or at the end of the school day

- Phone to speak to a member of staff

- Come in to make an appointment to see a member of staff

- Email school with a query, or use the contact us form on the website

- Attend our parent open sessions - like Mother's Day Meal  or KS1 Bridge Building

- Attend our termly Parent Conversation meetings to meet individually with your child's class teacher

- Respond to the annual parent questionnaire. See the feedback from March this year in the related documents.


Feedback from parents for our 2019 School Development Planning:

Great communication (mentioned lots of times)

Recognising individual needs

Welcoming to new children

Fantastic after school provision

Good rewards and consequences

Well behaved children, excellent manners

Active on bullying or incidents, any issue is dealt with

Great support from all staff

Teaching quality

School ethos and principles are reinforced

Good engagement with parents

Happy learning environment

Nurturing the child, adapting to needs

Supportive, always available to talk to

Children feel well praised

Fabulous broad and balanced curriculum

Great learning environments to motivate

Children are very happy

Communication is great and supports working parents

Supportive and approachable teachers

Support for any areas of weakness

Welcoming and encouraging

Intervention helped my child

Ensure the children feel they have achieved through certificates

United school team


We act upon all concerns or feedback, and work with you to decide the best course of action.

From the recent Parent Questionnaire, there have been a number of actions:

Parents asked for: Supprt with on line safety

Our response: parent workshops in April 2019 with an outside expert to support understanding and strategies to put in place.


Parents asked for: Pupil voting for achievement certificates wasn't always fair

Our Response: For 2018-19 we changed to a 'Super Studet' with raffle tickets for all children noticed following our 5Rs or working hard. The difficulty with this is that sometimes children are picked out twice and someone may be missed. This was discussed with the school council and a strategy put in place so that all had the opportunities. We still have our half termly achievers too and so this can ensure all are recognised.


Parents asked for: Prior notice of events

Our response: On the summer term newsletter, dates up to Christmas are included. The newsletter and website always have dates as far in advance as possible and key dates are set at the start of each term.

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