High Ercall Primary School

Our School Curriculum:


What is our intent? What are we trying to achieve with our curriculum?

At High Ercall Primary School, we believe that our curriculum encompasses every experience a child will have at our school. Our curriculum is designed to inspire, engage and challenge our pupils, with the transferrable skills they learn in Mathematics and English at its core. Across the curriculum, across every year group, we aim to develop life skills around our 5Rs: responsibility, resilience, resourcefulness, reflection, and respect; enable the children to access our outdoor learning environment and show an understanding of diversity – within our community and beyond. Our curriculum is built with consideration of these drivers at its core, to enable our pupils to develop skills and understanding for later life.



How do we deliver our curriculum?

Our curriculum is delivered through exciting and engaging learning opportunities for our children both in school and out: lessons, assemblies, visits, visitors, workshops, residentials, extra-curricular activities, sport opportunities and fundraising. We deliver Mathematics, English, Science, PSHE and the National Curriculum Foundation subjects in line with expectations in the National Curriculum. Skills are taught progressively through the year groups for all subjects and content is taught through a thematic approach where appropriate.

We place high expectations on teaching and learning across the whole curriculum; we deliver effective teaching and learning, making links across subjects; we teach skills which will be transferrable across subjects; we promote resilience in learning and social contexts within our 5Rs; we plan a broad and balanced curriculum over a 2 year (KS1) or 4 year (KS2 rolling programme; we work in partnership with parents of all our pupils, and other agencies, to support positive learning and behaviour.



What is the impact of our curriculum and how do we know?

School leaders, including Governors, and teachers regularly measure the impact of our curriculum through the monitoring of teaching and learning, monitoring of behaviour, assessment and on-going self-review. We talk to children and parents, we undertake learning walks, we look at books and we review the curriculum as subject leaders. We have an established system of Governor review – each Governor follows a line of enquiry to evaluate and monitor across all areas of school life. Each term a new development plan is written and shared with staff and leaders, outlining priorities within the curriculum and other aspects of school life, and making links to longer term development planning which is in place.

We aim that the impact will be that children will be academically prepared for the next phase of their education, are motivated to succeed and achieve and are equipped with all the personal skills to do this.


Mrs Sarah Roberts, Headteacher is in charge of the curriculum management.



Curriculum Rolling Programme:


Classes 1 and 2

   Autumn  Spring  Summer
 Year 19-20 The Quest  Fairy Tales  Food for thought
 Year 20-21  Bridge the gap  On the right track  Movers and shakers


Classes 3,4 and 5

This is a 4 year rolling programme to cover all areas of the National Curriculum across the 3 classes.

   Autumn  Spring  Summer
Flying high
Local history study
Vikings and Anglo Saxons

Food for thought
Local farming & community
Farming in N.America
 2019-20 Bridge the Gap
Climates, biomes

Messing about in boats
Rivers, Water cycle, Hemispheres,
River in the UK and in Europe

Movers and shakers
Physical Geography
Greeks including philosophy
Energy Sparks
Renewable and non-renewable energy
Impact on land use
UK Region

No place like home
Anglo Saxons and Scots
UK region

Back to the future
Early civilization
Egyptians / china

 2021-22 From Stone age to Bronze age 
 Home and away
Historical non-European contrasting culture - Benin
Vive La France!
European region


For a more in depth look at the curriculum for each year group, please click on the links to the right to see some of the subject long term planning.

LTP means Long Term Planning.

The KS1 and KS2 Curriculum Overview documents look specifically at 2019-20 in more depth.

We are currently reviewing our curriculum and our long term planning for Geography and History across school, but particularly in Key Stage 2.

In school we have medium term planning documents for each term to show our coverage and progression through the term.



We follow a scheme of work called White Rose, which has mixed age group planning suitable for our school. 

This details the learning objectives and areas to cover each term.

We will be reviewing this curriculum in the 2019-20 year to ensure there is clear progression and enough repetition of taught concepts.


Religious Education

We follow the Telford and Wrekin SACRE RE scheme of work.  The long term plan is on the menu to the right of the page - RE Long term planning. The units of work are available in school for further information.