High Ercall Primary School

We offer a wide range of after school clubs which change each term.

As part of our after school care, you can choose from one of our wide range of after school coach or expert led clubs for your child. This can also be combined with our After School Chill Club, should you require extended school care up until 5.30pm. All clubs are charged at £3.50 for the session.


All our clubs begin straight after school at 3.15pm and run until 4.15pm, unless otherwise stated.

As part of our Safeguarding procedures, children must be collected from school, unless we have written permission for older children to walk home.


Extended Schools provision – Monday 8th January - Friday 22nd March


Club 1

Classes 1 & 2

Club 2

Classes 3,4 and 5

Club 3

Class 5 only


Mrs Clinton
Playdoh Club - £ 35.00

Always a popular activity in the classroom, Play Doh can improve motor skills and encourage your child's imagination. Once a week we will be finding new and exciting
ways to use Play-Doh, create shapes and animals or use our design skills to build a
themed activity.


Mrs Jones
Quiz Club - £ 35.00

Quiz Club will test the children’s general
knowledge. They will also create their own
quiz to test their friends

Mrs Lingham
Boosters –
Year 6 Only



Mrs Clinton.
Magical Storytime - £ 35.00

Enjoy the most magical stories with Mrs
Clinton and rein act afterwards with lots of
exciting activities with their friends.

Severn Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics KS2 -

We are very excited to be offering the
popular KS2 Gymnastic Club.
We have the very talented Severn
Gymnastics Club coach who will be leading
the sessions.





Mrs Jones
Arts and Crafts - £ 35.00

Get creative in a relaxed environment.
Choose from a range of adult and child
led activities, using a variety of resources.

Mrs Blanchard
Computer Club - £35.00

Pupils will be able to explore a range of
different applications on a variety of
computing equipment, whilst having fun,
learning, and discovering the power of ICT



Severn Gymnastics Club
Gymnastics KS1 - £ 35.00

We are very excited to be offering a KS1
Gymnastic Club.
We have the very talented Severn
Gymnastics Club coach who will be
leading the sessions.

Mr Meredith – STEM club

Classes 3,4 & 5



Science club will be back next term. So come along and measure how far the moon is away, make brilliant squishy things and enjoy discovering “science” all around you.



Ms Gater
Movie and Popcorn Club - £31.50

The children have asked for its return, so
here it is!!! The children will have chance
to watch their favourite movies and
munch their popcorn in a relaxing
atmosphere with their friends.

Mrs Roberts
Hockey Club - £31.50

Learn the key skills in the game of Hockey
and enjoy some fun mini games inside and
out. Plastic sticks and balls will be used as
per the game of quick sticks.



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