Starting School in Reception

Is your child starting school in September 2019? Please just come along and see us! Please contact the office on 01952 387570 for a personal show around school by Mrs Roberts, Headteacher. We'd love to show you around our wonderful school.

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Mrs Caton will collect the children from the playground in the morning, and the children will line up ready beside the wall. This helps them to start the morning in a calm and orderly way. Initially we invite parents to come in with the children to help them become established in to the routine, but parents quickly find that the children become independent and organised in hanging up coats for themselves, and putting reading bags and other items away where they should be.

In the first week of term, the children stay in school for the mornings only. This helps them adapt to the new routine, and ensures they aren't too tired. Mrs Caton meets all the parents for an individual appointment - either with or without the children, in the afternoons. Pick up times for the first week in 2018 are as follows:

Tuesday 4th September: Parents collect the children before lunch at 12.00pm. Collect by the external door for Class 1.

Wednesday 5th September: Parents are welcome for lunch, stay for playtime and go home anytime during lunch hour

Thursday 6th September: Children stay for lunch and go home after lunch at 1.30pm.

Friday 7th September: Children stay for lunch and go home after lunch at 1.30pm.

The second week of term is then the start of the normal school week. The school day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.15pm. Breakfast and After School Chill Club can be booked through the office.


How do I know what is going on in school?

The website always has events coming up, and recent newsletters. A weekly newsletter comes home on a Friday either by email or a paper copy. Follow the school on twitter - weekly photos are posted with what has been going on. Text messages and emails are sent out with reminders.


What if I have a problem or a worry?

Come into school straight away to talk about it with Mrs Caton or Mrs Roberts. You can either make an appointment or phone to speak to a member of staff. If you usually use email, then use the contact us form on the website. Mrs Caton is on the playground at the end of every day so you can catch her for a quick word or to make an appointment. Mrs Whiteley in the office will always answer queries about payments, and most other things!


How can I help at home?

Later on in September, Mrs Caton will run some workshops about reading, phonics, writing and maths and how you can help at home. The children will quickly come home with reading books and flash cards. Reading each day is the best way you can help.