Our Staff

We have a fantastic staff team!

Headteacher and SENCO: Mrs. Sarah Roberts


Staff photographs are on the Class Pages.

Class 5 - Year 6

Mrs S. Ward - class teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs A. Edwards - class teacher (Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Aston - Teaching Assistant

Miss Adams - Teaching Assistant


Class 4 - Years 4 and 5

Mr. M. Parton - class teacher and Deputy Headteacher

Mrs. J Aston - teaching assistant

Mrs. W. Gater - teaching assistant


Class 3 - Years 3 and 4

Mrs. M. Workman - class teacher

Mrs Griffin - Teaching Assistant


Class 2 - Years 1 and 2

Mrs. J. Wallace - class teacher

Mrs. J. Lane - Associate Teacher from Severn Teaching Alliance

Miss. A. Osborne - Teaching Assistant

Ms Gater - Teaching Assistant


Class 1 - Years R and 1

Mrs K. Caton - class teacher

Miss. R. Ballance - teaching assistant

Mrs. C. Johnson - teaching assistant

Ms Young - teaching assistant


Working in all classes:

Mrs Matty - Higher Level Teaching assistant


Office staff

Mrs. M. Whiteley - School Administrator


Mrs. C. Johnson - administrative support


School Cook in Charge

Mrs Trish Bowen


Catering Assistant

Mrs Alison Clinton



Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Matty

Mrs Griffiin

Miss Adams

Ms Gater

Miss Osborne