Friends of High Ercall Primary School - fundraising

FHEPS stands for the "Friends of High Ercall Primary School", and acts as PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) for the school. Our main aim, as a collective body of parents and staff, is to raise funds to enhance the children's learning experiences. Our activities range from school based fundraising to events that draw in the wider community. It is open to all, and allows people to meet and share ideas to make the school as successful as possible and provide as many additional resources to support our children's education as we can.

All support is gratefully received whether it be a regular commitment or just a one off idea!

As well as raising money for a key project each year, we also make regular payments to school to support things such as Parent Mail, Breakfast Club, Reception School bags and Class Christmas Presents.


Past key projects completed with the help of FHEPS funds are the refurbishment of the library and outdoor play equipment - both benefiting and enjoyed by all the children. We have also purchased a PA system for use by the school and over the past two years we were able to build the outdoor classroom.

We are currently raising money to replenish stocks of reading books in school.


Key Contacts

Please get in touch if you have any fundraising ideas or want to get involved.

Chair - Lily French
Phone: 07817 901426

Vice Chair - Carolyn Wagg
Phone: 07815 541467

Secretary - Mrs Dowley
Phone: TBC
Email: TBC

Treasurer - Andy Malpass
Phone: TBC
Email: TBC


100 Club Winners

1st -Sarah Roberts
2nd - Louise Haston
3rd - David Beham

1st - Neil Martin
2nd - Rachel McCormick
3rd - Carolyn Wagg

1st - Elise Bailey
2nd - Mrs Johnson
3rd - Rachel McCormick

1st - Aimi Sellwood
2nd - Mrs Roberts
3rd - Josie Wagg

1st - Rob Everall
2nd - Liz Everall
3rd - Moira Heath

1st - Angela Jones
2nd - Rachel Davies
3rd - Gill Malpass


1st - Vikki Jones

2nd - Vicky Preece

3rd - Davinia Baker



1st - Nicola Bane

2nd - Rahel McCormick

3rd - Sue Hrper


1st - Sam Hooper

2nd - Jim Wagg

3rd - Lily French


Fundraising Diary




13th Nov 2015 Children in Need Mufti (school) £150
Nov 2015 Christmas Cards £319
3rd Dec 2015  FHEPS Meeting  N/A
4th Dec 2015 Mufti Day for Christmas hampers £271
10th Dec 2015 Christmas disco £178
20th Jan 2016 FHEPS Meeting N/A
24th Feb 2016 FHEPS Meeting N/A
18th Mar 2016 FHEPS Bingo Night £354.68
Annual 100 Club £490
14th May 2016 Nearly New Sale £140.00
19th May School disco £241.02
18th June School Fete £2175.11
27th June Sports Day - ice creams £48.00
July 2016 Key Stage 2 Production - raffle and refreshments TBC

Summer term FHEPS meetings:

20th April 2016

5th May 2016

26th May 2016

9th June 2016

29th June 2016



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To date we have raised over £690.00


FHEPS is a registered charity - Charity No. 702640