Our long term planning for the school

These are the 3 key priorities for our school over the next 3 years.

Target: Academic Excellence


To ensure that statutory data (YR, Y1, Y2, Y6) is at least in line with national in all areas.

To ensure that most aspects of statutory data are above national.

To ensure that internal data shows attainment and progress at least in line with national proportions for Year 6.


Success Criteria

Action planned


YR Good Level of Development data will be above the national average proportion.

Pupils will make good progress from baseline information.

Y1 phonics test results will be above national.

Y2 SAT tests will be above national in most areas over the 3 year period.

Y6 SAT tests will be above national in most areas over the 3 year period.

The majority of children across school in all year groups will make at least expected progress, with a good proportion making accelerated progress by Year 6.

Evaluate long term curriculum planning to ensure interest and engagement, and opportunities for cross curricular links in maths and literacy.

Share good practice through the use of the coaching model across school.

Use monitoring and moderation to ensure consistent application of marking and other policies across school.

Evaluate and consider new working practises in literacy:

Embedding edit and proof read into teaching sequence

Evaluate marking styles in different aspects of the teaching sequence

Role of self and peer assessment

Structure of reading lessons – whole class and guided group

Evaluate and consider new working practises in maths:

Bar modelling and its application in EYFS initially

Continued use of white rose maths materials

Explore opportunities for talk and peers support in maths

Use fluid practises within intervention to target individuals and groups as needed, with particular focus on vulnerable groups.


Target: Building resilience


To develop social and learning resilience in pupils.

To equip staff and children with tools to support their learning and relationships.

To increase opportunities for independence in learning.


Success Criteria

Action planned


There will be a common understanding in school about what ‘mindfulness’ is and what it will look like for our all our stakeholders.


Children will be able to talk about different strategies that can support their life and learning.


Parents will understand how they can further support their children in attitudes to learning and relationships.


Children will demonstrate independence in their learning and relationships, and talk about strategies to support themselves.



Explore staff understanding about what mindfulness means and how it can support school

AE Staff training – teaching mindfulness to pupils. Share learning and disseminate to all staff.

Identify opportunities for whole staff training using PD days.

Explore opportunities for building mindfulness into the curriculum, using learning from courses.

Evaluate successful strategies being used in other schools through links with SDG and Future in mind course.

Build further opportunities for independence within writing through editing and proof reading.

Build into staff PDM opportunities to share techniques to ensure work-life balance.

Explore other opportunities for encouraging breadth within the extra-curricular opportunities such as running, clubs and nurture provision.

Look for possible funding sources – lottery funding and elsewhere for further staff training, involvement of parents.



Target: Provision for the future


To increase pupil numbers.

To establish full wrap around care including holiday and pre-school provision.

To advertise the school and share in its successes.

To increase income for the school.

To review current school organisational structure.


Success Criteria

Action plann


The school will continue to balance its budget.

Most school year groups will have 20 pupils or up to 24 in KS2.

There will be a positive image in the press of the school and its achievements.

The school will have considered its status and made a decision with regards to the Beacon Trust

The Head and Governing Body will have a good knowledge of options available to the school including academies and federations.

The school will retain its individuality.

Establish pre-school provision with a private provider – ensure terms and conditions are agreeable to all parties.

Ensure there is a positive working relationship between the management of the nursery and the school.

Review clubs termly and reduce outgoing costs where possible whilst retaining quality of provision.

Ensure all systems in operation ensure parents pay for extended provision.

Work alongside new provider to establish good quality holiday provision. Support with advertising.

Establish a committee to plan actions for advertising to ensure that Reception is full in 2018.

Work with Beacon Trust schools to establish the current position of the trust and ways forward.

Review current status of the school and ensure that advice is taken to take the best plan of action.

Engage legal services to take appropriate action.

Continue to engage in discussions with other local schools about the changing landscape of school organisation.