High Ercall Primary School

COVID-19 update for parents. September 2020 Whilst we are working in exceptional times our first priority, as always, is to keep children safe. Therefore, in accordance with government guidelines, we are implementing a clear approach to a system of protective measures.


Please telephone school immediately to report a positive COVID19 result of any member of your household. 

If you receive a positive test result at the weekend or out of school hours, please email: h2051@taw.org.uk

Essential measures in place at school include:

- a requirement that children and household members with symptoms must stay at home, book a test and contact school immediately

- robust respiratory and hand hygiene

- enhanced cleaning

- active engagement with NHS Test and Trace

- reduce contacts and maximise distancing where possible. 


In our school this means:

  • staggering arrival, break times, lunchtimes and home time
  • reducing contact in corridors and other spaces
  • reducing contact between staff and pupils where possible and staff with each other
  • increased hygiene and handwashing across school

In line with this approach, we expect pupils as well as adults to follow these expectations which we have incorporated within our ‘school rules and 5Rs’.

A risk assessment has been drawn up in line with Health and Safety Law - and using guidance from Telford and Wrekin Council.

Please read our risk assessment in the documents to the right. There is an update for September, as well as new policies to safeguard the children which will be published following verification from the Governing Body on 22nd September.

 Advice for parents:

What to do if…

Action Needed

Return to school when…

…my child has Covid-19 symptoms.

- Do not come to school

- Contact school to inform us

 - Get a test

 - Inform the school immediately about the test result

…the test comes back negative or a period of 10 days has passed since the symptoms started, and the child feels well.

…my child tests positive for Covid-19.

- Do not come to school.

- Contact school to inform us.

- Agree an earliest date for possible return (minimum of 10 days).

- Work will be available for your child if they are well enough. Contact school.

…10 days have passed since symptoms began, even if they still have a cough or loss of taste/smell. (These symptoms can last for several weeks.)

AND the child feels well.  

…my child tests negative.

- Contact school to inform us.

- Discuss when your child can come back (same day/next day).

…the test comes back negative.

…my child is ill with symptoms not linked to Covid-19.

- Do not come to school.

- Contact school to inform us.

- Ring on each day of illness.

…after 48 hours following the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea (as per attendance policy)

…someone in my household has Covid-19 symptoms.

- Other household members should come into school

- The household member with symptoms should get a PCR test.

- If the PCR test is positive, other household members must lateral flow for 7 days

- child can attend school

…someone in my household tests positive for Covid-19.

- Use lateral flow tests for all other household members for 7 days

- If these are negative and your child has no symptoms, they should be in school

- child can attend school

…NHS test and trace has identified my child as a close contact of somebody with symptoms or confirmed Covid-19.

- Follow guidance from Test and Trace which is likely to be to use Lateral Flow tests for 7 days every morning.

- the child can attend school

…NHS test and trace has identified a household member (other than my child) as a close contact of somebody with confirmed Covid-19.


- Child can continue to attend school.

…child can continue to attend school

… a sibling attending another school has been sent home to self-isolate due to their being a positive case in their school.

- Sibling must self-isolate for 14 days.

- High Ercall child(ren) should test with Lateral Flow tests for 7 days


…child can continue to attend school

…we have received medical advice that my child must resume shielding.

- Do not come to school.

- Contact school to inform us.

- Shield until you are informed that restrictions are lifted and shielding is paused again.

- Work will be available for your child. Contact school.

…school inform you that restrictions have been lifted and your child can return to school again.

…you receive medical advice that your child may return to school.

…my child’s bubble is closed due to a Covid-19 outbreak in school.

- Child must not come to school. Including for drop off and pick up.

- Support your child at home with remote education provided by your school.

- Your child will need to self-isolate for 10 days.

- Other siblings may continue to attend school.

- Work will be available for your child. Information will come out from school for you.

…school inform you that the bubble will be reopened.

… I am unable to get a test for my child who has symptoms

-          Contact school for support


-          Work will be available for your child. Contact school.

…the child has completed 10 days of isolation.



Take from our OFSTED report in October 2017:
Safeguarding is effective.
The leadership team has ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for
purpose. Records are detailed and of high quality. The single central record is
maintained to a high standard. Governors ask probing questions to ensure that
safeguarding is effective. Training is kept up to date and ensures that staff have a
good awareness of any local issues and potential problems within the community.
Leaders have developed a strong culture of safeguarding within the school.
Pupils understand how to keep safe online and say that they feel safe in school.
Leaders have made good links with parents and carers as well as external agencies
to help them to support vulnerable pupils. Parents and pupils say that behaviour is
outstanding and that instances of bullying are very rare. This is because of the
school’s strong pastoral support systems. Leaders are aware of the needs and
concerns of individual pupils, and parents acknowledge and appreciate this.


The below information and more can be found in our Keeping Children Safe leaflet in the related documents section on the right-hand side of the page and within our safeguarding policies which can be found here

You can also find some useful information and links for Cyber Bullying and e-Safety on the Telford & Wrekin Safeguarding Children Board's website.


We are committed to creating a happy and safe environment for our children to learn. This page will help you understand how we keep your children safe by telling you:

  • How children can be harmed
  • What we must do to keep you child safe from harm
  • What you must do as a parent to help your child be safe and enjoy school


Who Can I Speak To?

Our designated safeguarding members of staff are:

Mrs S. Roberts - Headteacher - Safeguarding Lead

Mr M. Parton - Deputy Headteacher - Safeguarding Deputy

Ms Gater - After School Club Manager - Safeguarding Deputy

Child Protection

This is an important subject in which all staff receive regular training and weekly updates. Our priority is to work with you but there may be times when we have to involve other people.

Everybody has a responsibility to keep all children under the age of 18 safe. Harm is identified in four ways:

  • Physical - This is when a child is deliberately hurt or injured
  • Sexual - This is when a child is influenced or forced to take part in a sexual activity. This can be a physical activity or none physical, e.g. being made to look at an inappropriate image.
  • Emotional - This is when a child is made to feel frightened, worthless or unloved. It can be by shouting, using threats or making fun of someone. It can also be when children see their parents, or visitors to the home, fighting or using violence
  • Neglect - This is when a child is not being taken care of by their parents. It can be poor hygiene, poor diet, not keeping appointments for additional support, not coming to school or being left home alone.

Safeguarding Issues

  • Attendance - Your child's attendance is monitored daily and significant absences are always followed up in school, and with the LA if necessary. The school has an attendance policy that you should read and understand.
  • Behaviour – High Ercall Primary has clear behaviour rules for the whole school community that must be followed to keep everyone safe and happy. We understand that children do sometimes fall out and this will be dealt with by an adult who will listen the children involved and help to resolve the situation.
  • Bullying - The school takes all cases of bullying very seriously and will work with children and families to try and resolve any problems. The school has an anti bullying policy that you should read and understand.
  • Health and Safety - Everyone at our school has a responsibility to keep adults and children work in a safe environment. The school has a clear health and safety policy which everyone must follow. The school have fully trained first aiders to deal with any accidents in school.
  • E‐safety ‐ The school recognises that technology plays and important role in the education of our children and is committed to safeguarding children in the virtual world. To support parents, the school website has e-safety information to help keep your children safe. Within school we have filters and blocks in place to keep your child safe. The children in all classes learn about keeping themselves safe on line within out PSHE and Computing lessons. Our recent parent workshop (February 2017) was well attended by parents - please see the parent help sheet in the documents on the right with website links to help parents and further advice. 
  • Complaints - If you have any complaints about how the school is working with you or your child please feel confident to speak to us. The Head Teacher will always be happy to speak to you to resolve any difficulties. It is better to speak to us as soon as you have a concern so that it does not become a bigger issue. If you do not feel the matter has been resolved, you can raise your concerns with the governing body, through the Complaints Policy.

What to do if you have concerns about a child

- Talk to Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Parton, Ms Gater, or your child's class teacher - it could be a simple issue which can be resolved in school, or they will make the decision about who else can help.

- You can talk to Family Connect yourself: 01952 385385. they have a team of staff from all support agencies who will be able to help you with your concern, whether it is about your own child, or another child.


Helping your child stay safe

This is a really useful website for parents  packed with lots of information:


NSPCC website is a great place to start with tips and information to help:


This is a great website to help you help your child stay safe online.


CBBC stay safe.png

Thinkuknow website

This has pages with activities for the children to do - within certain age bands, as well as really helpful information for parents and carers. Well worth a look.




Setting up parental controls at home:

This website might be useful - https://www.internetmatters.org/parental-controls/interactive-guide/



A website for parents and carers with advice and guidance on specific aspects of abuse.


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