History Long Term Plan





Year A 

(Key concept: Military/Empire) 

Local study: How did WW2 affect life in the local area? 


Changes within living memory: 

How has (military) transport changed over time? 

Year B 

(Key concept: Social Justice) 

Lives of significant others: How similar and different were Queen Elizabeth I and II? 

Events beyond living memory: Why did so many poor and men die on the Titanic? 







Year A 

(Key concept:  Archaeology) 

A non-European society that provides contrasts with British history: What evidence do we have that provides clues how the Mayans lived? 

The achievements of the earliest civilizations: Ancient Egypt: What would you find inside a pyramid? 

Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to Iron Age: How similar or different were people’s lives in Stone, Bronze and Iron age – how do we know? 

Year B 

(Key concept:  Democracy) 

Roman Empire and its impact on Britain: How was the Roman empire ruled and how did this impact invasions of Britain? 


Ancient Greeks: How similar was life in Ancient Greece to today? 

Year C 

(Key concept:  Military/Empire) 


The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor: Were the Vikings really brutal invaders? 

A study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066: How did Britain defeat the enemy in the Battle of Britain?  

Year D 

(Key concept:  Social Justice) 

Local Study: Coal Mining/Queen Victoria: – How were rich and poor people treated differently in Victorian Times?  


Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots: Who benefited most from the laws of the Anglo-Saxons? 



Subject specific Vocabulary 


Y1 plus EYFS 

Y2 plus previous years 

Y3 plus  previous years 

Y4 plus  previous years 

Y5 plus  previous years 

Y6 plus previous years 

  • Historian 

  • History 

  • long ago 

  • past 

  • present 

  • future 

  • now 

  • then 

  • remember 

  • timeline 

  • order 

  • artefact 

  • century 

  • chronological order 

  • living memory 

  • memories 

  • opinion 

  • fact 

  • source 

  • interpret 

  • enquire/enquiry 

  • impact 

  • research 

  • evidence 

  • experts 

  • significant 

  • recent 

  • lifetime 

  • era/period 

  • BCE (Before 

Common Era) 

  • CE (Common Era) 

  • BC (Before Christ) 

  • AD (Anno Domini) 

  • archaeologists /archaeology 

  • museum 

  • pre-history 

  • bias 

  • excavate 

  • impact 

  • effects 

  • consequences 

  • change 

  • continuity 

  • cause / causation 

  • infer 

  • suggest 

  • conclusion 

  • primary 


  • secondary 


  • reliable 

  • extent of change 

  • extent of 


  • evaluate 

  • reliable 

  • eye-witness 

  • Monarchy 

  • Legacy 

  • Ambiguous 

  • Consequences 

  • Omits 

  • decade