Our Long Term Curriculum Plan

From September 2014, the new National Curriculum for state schools in England became statutory. On this page, you will find planning documents which detail the expectations of the new curriculum.

Creative Curriculum

At High Ercall Primary School we believe a cross-curricular approach makes learning more purposeful. Below you can find our creative curriculum long term plans. These outline the links we make between various foundation subjects.
Each topic heading is designed to be broad which allows scope for independent learning by following the children's interests. When appropriate, our topics begin with a hook, and end with a great finale to give children an opportunity to present what they have learnt.

The below tables demonstrate the long term rolling programme for the curriculum for Foundation stage/ Keystage One, Keystage Two.


Foundation/ Key Stage One

   Autumn  Spring  Summer
 Year 17-18 Journeys  Castles  Food for thought
 Year 18-19  Bridge the gap  On the right track  Movers and shakers


Key Stage Two

   Autumn  Spring  Summer
Flying high
Local history study
Vikings and Anglo Saxons

Food for thought
Local farming & community
Farming in N.America
 2019-20 Bridge the Gap
Water cycle

On the right tracks
Welcome to planet Earth
Climate, Biomes, Hemisphere
Water cycle

Movers and shakers
Physical Geography
Greeks including philosophy
Energy Sparks
Renewable and non-renewable energy
Impact on land use
UK Region

No place like home
Anglo Saxons and Scots
UK region

Back to the future
Early civilization
Egyptians / china

 2021-22 From Stone age to Bronze age 
 Home and away
Historical non-European contrasting culture - Benin
Vive La France!
European region


For a more in depth look at the curriculum for each year group, please click on the links to the right to see some of the subject long term planning.

For any further detail about the curriculum planned, please contact school.


Reading, Writing and Maths

To ensure that the curriculum for reading, writing and maths is accessible for the children and for parents, we have created target sheets which detail all the objectives for each year group. These are put into the children's books for the teaching staff and children to discuss and show when they have been achieved.

Target sheets are also available to view and download on the links to the right.