Developing our new strategy in response to Curriculum 2014

Following the introduction of a significantly revised National Curriculum in September 2014, we are currently in the process of developing a new through-school assessment strategy.

Our teaching and learning is now focused on the new age related objectives for each year group, in maths, reading and writing. These are shared with the children, and are located in the front of their books. The children will be starting to use these this term in their self and peer assessment. In conjunction with class teachers, the children will evaluate whether they have met an objective. These will be shared with all parents at Parent Conversation meetings in October.

At the end of each term, teaching staff will use the children’s progress in their books, alongside new test materials, to evaluate the proportion of objectives each child has met. By tracking this each term, we will be able to evaluate the attainment and progress of your child. This will be shared with you at Parent Conversation meetings, so that you know whether your child is at, above or below their age related expectations, and how you can support at home.

Please read the supporting documents which detail the age related expectations. These were shared with all parents last year at our parent meetings. You may also want to read the PowerPoint presentation which was shared at the parent meetings about the new curriculum in March 2015.